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Es gibt derzeit viele Meinungen zu Windows 7. Nun, das gab´s auch schon beim Vorgänger… allerdings nicht so viele ungeteilt positive 😉

Neben den zahlreichen Pressestimmen beurteilt insbesondere die internationale Analysten Gemeinden die neue Windows Version einstimmig positiv. Nach dem ganzen Krisen Katzenjammer sind solche Meldungen vermutlich auch für sie selbst richtig erholsam …

Windows 7. Microsoft, rabbit, hat?

David Tebbutt, Freeform Dynamics

[..] Everyone I’ve spoken to, including those who have been using the private beta version which preceded it, has good things to say. [..] What a contrast to Vista, which attracted a fair amount of opprobrium in both its beta and release versions.

My Voyage Around Windows 7

Clive Longbottom, Quocirca

[..] It is fast, it is “prettier.” It looks like it is altogether a pretty good operating system.

Vista and Lotus: Knowing when to let go of a brand

Dale Vile, Freeform Dynamics

Painful though it must have been, we have to give Microsoft credit for . . . pressing the big red reset button, writing off its investment, and starting again under the Windows 7 banner – a tactic that seems to have paid off.

Time for a change on the desktop?

Dale Vile, Freeform Dynamics

A combination of the economic downturn and lack of appetite for Vista means that many have deferred desktop upgrade activity over the past year or two. If the stories of economic green shoots and the virtues of Windows 7 are to be believed, however, we are likely to see desktop modernisation coming into focus again as we look forward.

Windows 7 Impact on WW PC Sales

Annette Jump, Gartner

Windows 7, with its polished user interface and several new consumer-friendly features, will likely reduce the gap in perception between Windows and MAC OS.

What Windows 7 Means to Microsoft

Michael Silver, Gartner

The initial feedback on Windows 7 has been excellent. The OS feels solid and performance is significantly improved. It is even winning some fans from the Apple Mac OS fan base, although there are few fan bases that are as vocal and loyal as Apple’s. Feedback from clients indicates that their preparations to deploy Windows 7 are already under way and we expect the new OS to be an extremely successful product.

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